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Last update: 17/06/2024

FAM.BR (640X710) - DIAMOND

Capacity from 135lt to 200lt

FAM. BL (650X650) - M'FLOOR

Capacity from 200lt to 250lt

FAM. BI (700X700) - M'FLOOR

Capacity from 300lt to 400lt

FAM. BQ (625X680) - TYPE Q

Capacity from 135lt to 300lt

FAM. BP (480X650) - MONO

Capacity from 85lt to 115lt

FAM. BL (650X650) - MONO

Capacity from 85lt to 115lt

FAM. BT (570X650) - SLT

Capacity from 100lt to 400lt


Capacity from 165lt to 200lt

FAM. BQ (680X625) - SCALETTA

Capacity from 180lt to 210lt

O.M.F.B. S.p.A. Hydraulic Components
Via Cave, 7/9 - 25050 Provaglio d'Iseo (BS) Italy -
Tel. (+39)
P.IVA: IT06226910963 -
Cap. Sociale € 20.000.000 i.v.
C.F. 06226910963 -
N.Isc.Reg.Imp. di Brescia 06226910963 -
REA 529468

The brands of our group

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